Handcrafted Ceramic Candle Holders With Free Candlesticks

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Handmade Ceramic Candle Holders. Every piece is handmade and unique.

Several different colours are available : Purple, Green, Orange.

Can be used with normal candlesticks.

Each holder purchased comes with a free candlestick- if you purchase two candlestick holders, you will receive two candlesticks in a set. These are the perfect gift whether it's for Christmas, a birthday present or a new home present.

The shape of the holder allows the hot wax to be collected at the base without any worry of the wax dripping onto any other surface.

The holder fits 22-25 mm width candlesticks.

These holders have been made on the pottery wheel in a small pottery studio. After being thrown and trimmed, the clay needs to dry for couple of weeks before being high fired in the kiln at 1000° degree celsius. Then it is cleaned, glazed and ready for one last fire at 1240° degrees Celsius. Some small imperfections may occur, this is due to each item being handmade individually.


Always take care when using candles. Place in a safe location away from any high traffic areas, and out of reach of pets and children. Keep on a stable surface with no items or shelving placed above, to prevent anything catching alight. Avoid burning the last 5cm of the candlestick to prevent damage to the candlestick holder.

To clean the item, use a damp cloth to wipe away any spillages or dirt, avoiding the cork base. This item is not dishwasher or food safe. For indoor use only.