Colourful Loincloth - Peshtemal

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 Peshtemal: It is a woven fabric product known in many areas for its fineness, high water absorption capacity and fast drying.

One of the most preferred options today is the peshtemal, which you can easily use at the beach, in the bath, in the pool, on picnics, in camping areas, in the gym and at home, especially in the summer months. In addition to all these features, the loincloth also has a fast drying feature and provides you with a lot of protected comfort and convenience.

Peshtamal is now used not only in baths, but also in every area where people meet water. With its slim advantage, it takes up little space in your suitcase, beach bag and cupboards, allowing it to be used for storage during your travels. With the elegance and elegance of the peshtemal, you will feel at the highest level when you wear it, especially on the beaches. In order to provide you with this quality at the highest level, this loincloth, which has a soft texture with its old-style woven pattern structure, is specially produced for you! If you want a quality loincloth for the summer seasons, you are in the right store.

It is suitable for washing at 40 degrees or in the washing machine.

Dry cleanable.

Iron with a warm iron. 

Dimension: 90 x 180cm