When shopping for towels it is important to avoid choosing a towel from touch alone. Here are tips for finding high-quality towels and knowing how the GSM of a towel can play a vital part in the selection process.

Bath towels are typically the hardest working members of your hotel or household. As well as keeping us dry and clean, towels add to the look and feel of a bathroom and can even be expected to wipe up muddy floors or dry your pet after its weekly wash.

When shopping on the high street it is important not to judge a towel by its in-store softness. Most manufacturers add softeners to the towels so they appear nice and soft. However after a few washes, these towels may start to feel course and rough.To ensure the towel feels cozy and luxurious, check the care label and ensure it states the towel is 100% cotton. Cotton fibers naturally attract water and can hold almost 25 times its weight in liquid. For extra comfort, 100% combed cotton ensures that the shorter threads have been removed, keeping the towel strong and prevent pilling. However, most towels are made of cotton, but the look and feel of towels largely depends on the type of cotton used.

Towels designed and priced for everyday use are typically made of standard cotton, while the more expensive Turkish cotton towels have a much longer threads, allowing each towel to have more moisture absorbing loops per inch. The number and the length of loops is also an important factor in choosing the right towel. The denser the loops, the more absorbent the towel will be so check the stitch for thick, tightly packed loops. If however you can see the base of the towel, then this is an indicator of a poor quality towel.

The key to the longevity of a towel is for the hems to be double stitched all the way around the edges of the towel. This extra reinforcement reduces fraying and will give your bath towels a longer life. The best way to judge the quality of a towel is to hold it. A high quality towel feels much heavier than it looks and in turn will be much more absorbent. The weight of a towel is measured by the GSM (Grams per Square Metre). Low GSM (300-400) towels are light and thin whilst high GSM (450-600) towels are thicker and heavier. A towel that weighs less than 400 GSM is likely to be thin and typically suitable for a gym bag or trips to the beach. If you are purchasing a hand towel or guest towel then it is advisable for the GSM to be at least 400. For Bath Towels, a higher GSM of 600 will provide a soft and absorbent towel. Typically, the higher the GSM, the better performance you will have from the towel.

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